Working with young people

Working with Young People

During adolescence, young people are discovering themselves emotionally, socially, personally, and creatively.  At The Theater School kids and teenagers are allowed to do so in a safe, meaningful, and exhilarating manner with their peers and mentors supporting and guiding their experiences every step of the way.

Process Versus Product

Theater education is about more than putting on a play, it is about a group of people collaborating to create something they are passionate about, and the revelations they discover along the way.

Product Vs Play
Importance Of Play

Importance of Play

Children innately embrace and excel at play.   Engaging in play is an essential part of development, and can enrich a child’s understanding of self, home, school, friendships, and the world around them.  It is only as we grow that we begin to feel as though play is no longer accepted or important. The Theater School embraces our instincts to play, and helps it flourish.

Universal Truths

Theater helps us explore the universal truths within ourselves, those around us, and from our past.  The lessons we learn from telling stories shape us and the experiences we share define us.

Universal Truths