Sonoma Valley ‘Stand by Me’ Mentoring Alliance

“Libby Oberlin lit up the room at our Mentor Mentee workshop. Libby’s vivacious, engaging personality had the group of adults and children having fun in seconds. Through theatrical expression, Libby led the Mentors and Mentees in interactive games that enhanced communication, empathy and self-expression skills.

Throughout the workshop you could hear shouts of laughter and giggles. Libby has a gift of relating to both adults and children. I’m looking forward to our next theatrical experience with The Theater School!”

Tina Baldry, Program and Art Director

Casey – Age 13

“I loved this workshop! I learned so much from Libby.”

Luca – Age 13

“I felt really comfortable with Libby as a teacher. She had such confidence in us on the first day all the way up until the time we got onstage in front of our parents. That was a really nice environment to be in.

Parent of Luca

“Luca loved the program. He came home so alive and motivated. Collaborating with his peers was very empowering. He liked the way Libby interacted with them. He said it felt very respectful and professional. (The final presentation) made me cry, I was so proud of all of them! They really owned their work.

Parent of Coral- Age 13

“The final presentation was very moving. I had tears in my eyes for the entire performance! To see these young women talking about their bodies and minds the way they did was so touching. I loved the program!”

Ellie – Age 14

“I loved the on-camera workshop. Libby made me feel very comfortable, making my first time being on camera feel fun!”

Charlotte – Age 11

“I loved the teacher / kid relationship!”

Maia – Age 13

“I’ve been in acting class before, but the difference here was, I really connected with Libby. This class was amazing!”

Parent of Ava – Age 13

“Ava loved her experience. I think it was a very empowering and personal experience.”

Cosette – Age 9

“She is so fun!”